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Application Form

!!! PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION: The information marked in the Application Form with an asterisk (*) will be placed on the TEMPO website.
NP TEMPO reserves the right to use such information. All other information, not marked with an asterisk (*) shall be considered proprietary and confidential, and not disseminated beyond the Competition team, nor used by any members of the Competition team for their own interests.

1.* Organization Applicant of the Project
2.* Project title (The number of projects received from the same organization / group of people is not limited. An application form should be filled for each separate project. If the project is a continuation of the preliminary work, a source of funding should be indicated).
source finance
3.*Authors of the Project: Name, Position, Academic Degree
4. Contact Information: Telephone number, E-mail address, Mailing address
postal address
5. Collaborator / Collaborators of the Project: Name, Position, Organization, Academic Degree
Name, job title, degree
name organization
6.* Summary of the Project (Please, pay attention: that information will be placed on TEMPO website) Goals, Tasks, Problem (no more than 100 words)
solved problem
7. Key Words Describing the Main Idea of the Project
8. Distinctive Features, Advantages of your Development (in comparison to already existing analogues of your product / services on domestic and international markets)
9. Market Potential / Possibility of Practical Application
10. Stage of Project Development at the moment:
11. Patent Protection
12. Results to be Obtained During the Project Implementation:
13. Project Realization Cost
14.* Possible Ways of Cooperation

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